Don’t know yet, but Rick is thinking about it.  He has some money coming in.  Can it be enough to feed the trough that is ObamaCare?

Hey, guess where most of the uninsured reside?   If you guessed the less populated areas like west Texas and north Texas, you got it right.  Pay particular attention to the border counties.

Texas has the highest share of uninsured residents in the United States — about 29 percent of its adult population — and confronts billions of dollars worth of uncompensated hospital care every year.

via Perry doubles down against ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion.

Meanwhile back at the border, they are coming in droves.   Come one, come all…it’s amnesty time.   The way that it works is, you get caught, (sequestration cuts) you get a ticket to appear in court because there is no more room in the detention centers and then you disappear.  You’re here, blend in and you will soon be a citizen.