Talks under way on Boston bombing suspect avoiding death penalty.

Somehow, I think the DOJ is quite proud of itself.

UPDATE:   Commentary in spam from Layla…an admirer of a total loser.  Layla, are you one of these as well?

First, the ridiculous comment from the stoopid crying foul:

This was all staged anyone who buys into this shit is dumb.. open your eyes He didnt do anything he was going to have a bright future.. leave him alone.. u all should be ashamed of yourselves
He has the right to be here there should be no borders we dont own this land god does…

Note to Layla:  learn how to spell.  Following another idiot will get you nowhere.

Simply put (emphasis mine):

“People, please. Cut that shit out. He’s an adult and a mass-murderer.” There is evidence that he was not just a pot smoker but a dealer, and also like his brother, he was a fan of jihad. Also the photos of him at the actual bombing site are not so heartwarming, as they show him surveying the crowd he is about to blow up. After all, I don’t recall any grown-ups I know feeling sorry for Lee Boyd Malvo, the teenage half of the D.C. sniper duo, or Dylan Klebold, the weak half of the Columbine killers.

I don’t give a rat’s rearend where Mama Fatwa and her ilk go period.  Not even the wife of stoopid #1 will claim to the carcass.  Please find a new cave in another country (preferably in Putin land).  Judge Pirro is spot on.

h/t Anthony

UPDATE 2:  You betcha…it has to be bad when they won’t let you into Mecca.  So, what’s up POTUS?  Why so stumped when Russia and Saudi Arabia are red flagging the creeps?