The US is under no obligation to find the rotting sob’s carcass a burial plot.  Quite frankly, if the family can pay for a second autopsy (wtf for?), let them figure it out.  I don’t even think anyone associated with Hoffa’s disappearance would take this on.

State Sen. Harriet L. Chandler, D-Worcester, said Uncle Sam needs to alleviate a Wochester funeral home’s onerous burden of having accepted Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s corpse on Friday after it was released by the state medical examiner.

Peter Stefan, owner of the Graham, Putnam and Mahoney Funeral Parlors has told The Boston Herald his business has been beset by protesters since accepting the body, and he cannot book any new business until convincing a cemetery to provide a plot for the body.

It is unfortunate that Peter Stefan took the carcass to begin with.  What did he expect?  Cry me a river because many of us have the most microscopic violin when it comes to mass murderers.

via State senator wants feds’ help in finding gravesite for Boston bombing suspect.