Putting a stop to bullying in schools can be a difficult task for teachers, but one woman from Murray, who found out her daughter was relentlessly teasing another student, decided to teach her a lesson by giving her a taste of her own medicine.

Yes, a parent!  Maybe, this isn’t how most parents would address this issue, but I think that this young girl will think twice about ever doing this again.

Ally went to a local thrift shop and bought about $50 worth of clothing that she knew her daughter would never want to wear. Thursday morning, Kaylee awoke to find an unflattering outfit on the bathroom door with a pair of old sneakers below it. Ally explained to Kaylee that she would be wearing the ensemble to school that day.

“I died. I did,” said Kaylee, who admitted she cried when she first looked at the clothes.

In the two days Kaylee had to dress in the outfits selected, she admitted she became the target of unkind words.

“They talk behind my back,” she said of her classmates.

I really hate the fact that young students believe that what they wear is more important than what they are supposed to be learning.   We are defined by our actions.

“She would take her out on the playground and call her names, and tell her she was a slob and tell her she dressed like a sleaze,” Ally said. “Someone not wanting to go to school anymore based off of something that one other little person said to them. I mean, that’s huge, that’s damaging.”

Of course there is the ever present know it all telling us that this is not the norm:

The experience, while effective, strays from the norm, according to Dr. Douglas Goldsmith of the Children’s Center.

“What happens with that is the person walks away at the end saying, ‘Now I’m really angry, that was humiliating and now I’m angry,’” Goldsmith said.

Goldsmith recommends a different approach when dealing with cases of bullying.

“What may be better for most parents is if we teach children empathy by having them volunteer at a place where there’s poor people,” he said.

That doesn’t really work.   As for them being angry…give me a break.  Is that something that Child Protective Services should be called into investigate?   I think Dr. Goldsmith might just have made that call.

Call me an ogre, but it doesn’t kick them in the arse in the same way when the tables are turned on them.  I am with this mom.  The kid needed to feel the same way that she made another feel.  Sending her to do some volunteer work is an easy get out of jail card.  Early intervention might have helped this young one grow up sturdier.