Wyoming teen builds nuclear reactor in dad’s garage, gets kicked out of science fair.

Granted, I wouldn’t want one of these built in my house but seriously what kind of fair is this?   It’s not the first time that I have seen this bs go on.   I live in a large village, and I will just say that is probably where my thought process went awry.

When the young one went to public school (high school) I had a huge problem with the so called “science fair” project.  Not the project, but how everything was run, particularly their set goals.  Keep in mind, I taught teachers who taught in the public schools.

I recall the project quite well.  It was actually quite simple.  Which product works best on skin project.  I didn’t help except to build the contacts which were necessary for the study.  A pathologist friend helped with the tissue sample documentation.   That was it.  Keep in mind that the kid was atleast one year ahead of the public crew because of the private school.  They were on top of things.

Low and behold, no one understood the project.  A bit too advanced for the teachers as well as the judges (local pre biology yahoos from the local two year college).  The project was worked at the same level that a first year medical student would have done it.  I thought that was supposed to be the point.   Excel and achieve.

Boy, was I wrong.  My former students (teachers in the public school) told me that they only awarded prizes to the more simple studies.  The ones that were obviously done by a parent garnered the most attention.  (They all told me laughing that it really wasn’t about science, but more about a family project.) My bad, I thought it was supposed to be a student project, duh!

So much for academic achievement.