Backdoor entry provided by Verizon.

In Virginia, a telecommunications consultant reported, Verizon had set up a dedicated fiber-optic line running from New Jersey to Quantico, Va., home to a large military base, allowing government officials to gain access to all communications flowing through the carrier’s operations center.

We recently wrote about a 2006 report by James Bamford of Wired — who wrote a book on the nation’s premier covert intelligence gathering organization — which detailed how the NSA hired two companies with ties to Israeli intelligence to bug the communications of AT&T.

The news about the Verizon-NSA fiber optic connection came from a class action lawsuit brought by a former AT&T engineer who worked on a proposal to give the the NSA access to all the global phone and email traffic that ran through an AT&T network center in Bedminster, N.J.

The Israeli hardware, which can record data that comes through an internet protocol network, was discovered by a former AT&T engineer named Mark Klein and confirmed by former NSA senior executive Thomas Drake.

Another former NSA employee named William Binney, who, like Snowden, believes the NSA’s surveillance has gone too far, says that ever since 9/11 the NSA has been hoarding electronic data — phone calls, GPS information, emails, social media, banking and travel records, entire government databases — and analyzes, in real time, “all of the attributes that any individual has” in addition to making networks of connections between individuals.

via Verizon Gives All Data To The Government – Business Insider.