a lynching.  Racial politics supported by State power come down on George Zimmerman.  I thought it was a crime to do this?  I’ve lived long enough to see that we have a circus advancing the cause of divide and conquer.   Our black poser POTUS, the architect of destruction has done this country little favor.  The community organizer is chief is the divider in chief.   How far have race relations been advanced??

I am very disappointed that this case has made it all the way to a courtroom.  It is a shameful that a politically motivated case should be driven by the likes of Al Sharpton and co.  Trayvon was no child.  As I read this post, George Zimmerman | Child Abuse | Jury Instructions, I thought about this comment.   Shame on us for allowing this pestilence to invade the halls of justice.

Child abuse? Seriously? A 6-foot-tall 17-year-old football player is a child?

And this from Angela Corey, the same gal whose last fling with the spotlight was when she insisted on charging a 12-year-old kid with first degree murder … as an adult?

How long can this country continue to allow this when we won’t take to task a murderer named Hasaan?   That POS deserves the death penalty just like little Dzokar Tsnarev (is he also a child).

Perfect Branco, just perfect!