I am saddened to say that I am no longer shocked by what this greasy administration has done and continues to do.

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I watched a good bit of the House IRS Hearing yesterday. There were definitely some fireworks, but some revelations, too. Turns out, some of these cases went all the way to one of TWO political appointees, Chief Counsel William Wilkins. Holy smokes.

That wasn’t all, though. I think IRS IG George had some smoke coming from his ears given the way the Democrats treated him (you can watch his remarks HERE).The Hill provided this segment of his statement:

“I have to admit, I’m a little concerned that this type of forum could have a chilling effect on the operations of inspectors general,” George said, adding that when he was at Oversight “we never treated an IG office like this.”

George also expressed concern that the lawmakers were questioning the integrity of members of his career staff who weren’t political appointees.

“If it were an allegation of personal…

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