When the world does not learn from the past, it is bound to repeat it.

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Oh I suppose I could be easily written off as some right-wing fanatic who sees darkness in what everyone else otherwise is delighted to hear. After all, what possible could go wrong with a President along with his gal Valerie Jarrett deciding that by decree that we all will be “tested” for a certain medical condition. Now that Obamacare has miraculously morphed into the Affordable Care Act, we need to pay attention.

Does anyone think this is not going to be mandatory? And if a President can decide by his authority alone what conditions will and will not be addressed, we are required to look into the past and see what our government and others have done with this authority. Before you write me off, let me remind you what has happened already.

Obamacare quotas: ‘Cut Jewish and Asian doctors’

Page 879: “Give preferences to entities that have a demonstrated record of … training individuals…

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