I have been a rescue mom for over 20 years.  I have had a horrible setback with several of the crew.  The worst has been my dear Simba.  He is an older feral (atleast 10 years old) that came to my door in February.  He was dying.  He was starving to death.  He allowed me time to nurture him to some semblance of health.  He has a horrible disease.  My final attempt at healing him will be a surgery to extract the roots and canines from his mouth.  If you knew this little fella, you would melt.
Toonces, got severe pancreatitis this Spring.   He also had struggled with that same disease but had all of his teeth extracted a year ago.  He has been on the mend now for several months.  For some unknown reason, God dropped off another dog (a little puppy) at my door a week ago.   I am the woman that takes the unadoptable animals and gives them a final home.  One where they will be safe for their last remaining days.  Guido is a 21 year old Maltese (no teeth), but loves the fact that I gave him a home three years ago.  These are the ones that jump fences, are born with a handicap or are too old to be adopted.  I love them all.

That said, I need to get on the stick and start creating a pet fund because the vet bills are quite severe.  I have a lot of old china and glass that needs to be listed online.  I can’t blog anymore because I just don’t have the time between working a full time job at the office and the other one at home.

I will see you on the other blogs.  Thank you for visiting.  It has meant a great deal to me to talk to you about the world’s nuttiness.  If you are shopping online for old stuff, please look at the Ebay store or the Etsy store (that is the adoptee fund).  Help me clean out the closet.  I have never asked for help before, and I truly hope that there will be a recovery to this economy soon.