picks on a quadriplegic in the most hideous way possible.  I’ll bet they didn’t go after Boo or Moo in this manner.

With the increased costs of living as a quadriplegic, Mr. Myhre’s monthly income does not cover the monthly expenses for a basic standard of living. He has relied on credit cards and the generosity of his caregiver to make ends meet each month. Out of Mr. Myhre’s $3,526 monthly budget for basic expenses, his caregiver covers $1,423 out of her own pocket. Mr. Myhre’s monthly income is $2,015, and with the help of credit cards, he has been paying $2,103 each month. The burden of this situation led both Mr. Myhre and his caregiver to declare bankruptcy in 2012.

The DOE argues that it would not impose an undue hardship on Mr. Myhre to repay his student loan because he is working full time.

IN RE MYHRE, Bankr. Court, WD Wisconsin 2013 – Google Scholar.  What is wrong with these troglodites?  Can’t they just go after puppies and steal kiddie lollipops?  The man is trying (unlike the usurpers in this administration.)  No reduction?  What gives?