By directing the Texas Department of Insurance to enact strict regulations, Gov. Rick Perry has misappropriated the intent of the law that state legislators approved to regulate so-called navigators trained to help Texans purchase health care coverage under Obamacare, state Sen. Kirk Watson, D-Austin, said Thursday in a press statement.

via Watson Responds to Perry’s Move to Regulate Insurance Navigators.  All that because the governor wants Texas Department of Insurance to regulate the clowns that sell ZeroCare.

“The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has repeatedly delayed explaining how its navigators were going to be created, how they were going to operate and how they were going to be regulated,” Perry wrote in a letter to Insurance Commissioner Julia Rathgeber. “Because of the nature of navigators’ work and because they will be collecting confidential information, including birth dates, social security numbers and financial information, it is imperative that Texas train navigators on the collection and security of such data.”

In the letter, Perry specifically directed TDI to establish rules that require navigators to complete at minimum of 40 hours of state training in addition to the federal training requirements. He also demanded that navigators pass a rigorous exam based on that training, refrain from influencing a consumer’s insurance choice by recommending a specific plan or comparing benefits offered by different plans, and submit to periodic background and regulatory checks and show state identification while on the job.

He also directed TDI to maintain a database of registered navigators, including background checks and fingerprints; set limits on when and where navigators can enroll people in the exchange; charge fees to provide navigator training and registration; and establish the department’s authority to suspend or revoke navigators’ registration for failing to comply with state requirements.

If  the government wishes to have my information, I want their info on the record.  Let’s see, OFA and other Bam bots aka navigators will be those working these exchanges.  That makes me a tad bit worried.  Yup, I think the gov has this right.  Watch them TDI.

Shamelessly lifted from IOTW.