This is how we waste our money.  WTF does being a Muslim or any other organized religious practitioner have to do with our park service?

A video produced by the National Park Service shines a light on Islam, that apparently us stupid Americans just can’t see.

via National Park Service Pimps Islam « rjjrdq’s America II.

A quote from the video,

“Since 9/11 happened – before there wasn’t that much hate against Muslims, but since 9/11 happened people saw that and that was a big thing because a lot of people died,” a student said in the video. “They just started believing this is what they do. This is what they know. This is what they’re supposed to do. This is what their holy book tells them. This is what their Prophet told them. They think that ever since.”

Bollocks, this is crap being paid for by we, the taxpayer.  Obviously, our government has too much time and other people’s money on their hands.