Just like in Canada.   Too many times equals you’re done.

The problem, according to hospital CEO David Musyj, is that the number of procedures – when it comes to cataracts, hips replacements and knee replacements – is capped by the Health Ministry. And hospital officials (up until October, cataracts were done by Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital, which has since transferred cataracts to Windsor Regional) were scheduling surgeries based on the previous year’s cap of 5, 022. Then in September, they learned the cap for the fiscal year that started April 1 would be 4,849. In 2010, there were 5,412 procedures, he said. In a guest column published in today’s Windsor Star, Musyj said the cuts are due to the continuing rise in health care costs and governments looking for ways to cope with them.

via Date for cataract surgery set, then cancelled.  Ahh, but the pep rally yesterday was supposed to cheer us all up, right?  Run by les incompentants.  Expect those caps sooner than you think because there’s major fiscal trouble growing.


The three that have enrolled in zerocare.

O’Reilly had opportunity to ask the community organizer about his vision when he was offered the privilege of an interview.  Why didn’t he ask him then about his vision for socialism in America?