Lifeline for zero’s website.  These three guys actually got the numbers up for view by zip code.

Geore Kalogeropoulos

George provides customer support and handles press relationships for the Health Sherpa. He cares deeply about efficiency and price transparency in healthcare. George is a graduate of Yale University.

Ning Lang

Ning does technology and product strategy for OpsCost. He’s passionate about helping people make better decisions through data. Ning is a graduate of Yale University.

Michael Wasser

Michael handles the day-to-day operations of Health Sherpa. He saw many individuals having trouble during the launch of and wanted to make a difference. Michael is a graduate of the University of Maryland.

See, the private sector works far more efficiently than the O’bummer’s bundler friends.

No one knows the resources that went into building, but the government quickly realized it wasn’t enough after that terrible first day, so they decided to bring in a crew of leading tech experts to fix the website’s many, many problems. But the job was already at least partially completed by three unknown coders living in San Francisco.


Now meet Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel aka Dr. Mengele, or the ration doctor (death panel expert).

h/t Adrienne