500,000 protesters is nothing to sneer at.  What will Pooter do?  Seriously, the government will not resign.

Protesters have put up barricades on Independence Square, while others are entrenched inside city hall.

The unrest was triggered in November by President Viktor Yanukovych’s refusal to sign a deal on closer EU ties.

  • 1991: Independence from the Soviet Union declared
  • 1997: Friendship treaty with Russia and agreement on Black Sea fleet.
  • Nov 2004: Moscow-backed candidate Viktor Yanukovych declared president after poll, despite reports of massive fraud. Opposition launches mass protests, dubbed the Orange Revolution
  • Dec 2004: Opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko wins re-run
  • 2009: Russia briefly stops gas supplies to Ukraine in row over pricing
  • 2010: Yanukovych wins presidential election
  • July 2013: Russia restricts imports from Ukraine, as Kiev seeks closer EU ties
  • Nov 2013: President Yanukovych reverses decision to sign EU deal, triggering mass protests

via BBC News – Ukraine unrest: Protesters blockade government sites.