The thieves must have heard that the haul wasn’t so great afterall.  The truck was found in a in an empty parking lot.  It had been stolen at a gas station. where the driver was sleeping in the truck.   Unintentional theft, and they will never forget what they stole.

The missing shipment of radioactive cobalt-60 was found Wednesday near where the stolen truck transporting the material was abandoned in central Mexico. The atomic energy agency said it has an activity of 3,000 curries, or Category 1, meaning “it would probably be fatal to be close to this amount of unshielded radioactive material for a period in the range of a few minutes to an hour.”

A family that found the container that had been used for the radioactive material was under medical observation, he added.

“It’s a family that found the container and carried it back to their house,” Jimenez told Milenio television. “For the sole fact that they were a certain distance from the source, we are keeping this family under medical observation … to determine how much they were affected by the radiation.”

The cobalt-60 that was missing for nearly two days was left in a rural area about a kilometer (a half a mile) from Hueypoxtla, a farm town of about 4,000 people. Officials said it posed no threat to the residents and there was no evacuation. Federal police and military units on the scene threw up an armed cordon about 500 meters (yards) around the site.

via Mexico: Radioactive pellet recovery a ‘delicate operation’

The hospital where the six people are now being treated for radiation poisoning has been sealed.

The container was discovered by a family, who were promptly put under medical observation, but according to Hueypoxtla’s mayor, Javier Santillan, they suffered no harm.

I feel for the family if they are the ones ill in the hospital now.  Look ma, no protection gear!

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The man is a firefighter  and is taking photographs of the radiation head. that was part of a radiation therapy machine, on the patio of the family who found the abandoned radiation head in a nearby field.

More than 100 incidents of thefts and other unauthorised activities involving nuclear and radioactive material are reported to the IAEA each year.  Imagine if this had crossed our porous southern border?