UPDATE:  He was hallucinating.  Given the fact that the nut was allowed to be on stage with world leaders, nothing horrible happened.  Do they all need that much security detail?  And why was that stadium not filled to capacity?

Thanks to Anthony, we had a roaring laugh.

The Limping Chicken, a leading UK news blog for the deaf, commented: ‘The ‘interpreter’ signed in a way I’ve never seen before, a strange repetitive rhythm to his movements – his signs appearing to come in threes or fours, occasionally swinging his shoulders, as if he was signing along with an intermittent beat.

‘Most puzzlingly, the structure of his hand and body movements didn’t seem to change no matter what the speaker was saying.’

The Sign Language Interpreter At Mandela's Memorial Was A Fake

South African parliament member Wilma Newhoudt has also confirmed the man didn’t actually communicate anything with his hand and arm movements.

South Africa’s government is reportedly preparing a statement about the interpreter.

via The Sign Language Interpreter At Mandela’s Memorial Was A Fake.