Truth hurts (h/t Brenda).  Too bad the elitists won’t feel the pain.  Meet Dr. Elaina George, a physician.

It is no longer about the content of one’s character. It is all about winning at all costs.

How else can the blind and dogged devotion of progressives to ObamaCare be explained at this point in time.

The architects of ObamaCare admit the law is inherently unfair. It creates a two-tiered system that benefits the wealthy and privileged friends while relegating the poor, middle class and disenfranchised to an inferior health care system likely to be devoid of quality doctors. The unlucky ones who can’t afford such quality will be locked out of medical centers of excellence such as Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and MD Anderson Cancer Center — stuck paying higher costs for medication and paying extra as if it is a privilege.

Cheerleaders of this ghoulish system apparently think it’s okay for people to die from a lack of access due to high costs or a denial of medical services deemed to be either medically unnecessary, experimental or simply too expensive. The real human costs are distilled down to statistical talking points because it is more important to be on the winning team no matter the consequences.

For those who still believe in ObamaCare after all of this, it brings a whole new meaning to the notion of taking one for the team. It is immoral and unfair for those who created this system, along with their friends, to opt out while falsely crying racism to silence anyone who dares question their hypocrisy of the President Obama’s policy.

It is past the time to demand that we really live by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s call for people to be judged by the content of their character instead of being silenced by hypocritical race hustlers who want to control our destiny.

The race card, which has been overdrawn for far too long, must be declined. Those who want to create and perpetuate victims in order to remain relevant need to be exposed and rejected.

via Duped and Disenfranchised by ObamaCare – Amy Ridenour’s National Center Blog – A Conservative Blog.