UPDATE:   Real upstanding pillars of the community

  • Fred and Tonya Couch have had many brushes with the law from speeding to assault
  • Mr Couch has been arrested for theft, evading arrest and an alleged assault against his now ex-wife. He paid out over nine driving citation fines
  • Mrs Couch paid a $500 fine for forcing a driver off the road
  • Son Ethan Couch, 16, was drunk and high when he plowed into a broken down car, taking four lives and injuring more in June last year
  • He had faced 20 years behind bars but walked away with 10 years probation last week
  • This was because State District Judge Jean Boyd agreed his upbringing had given him ‘freedoms’ he couldn’t deal with
  • Ethan would invite strangers back to the huge Burleson, Texas, where he lived alone, according to a friend


I sure as heck don’t have this problem.

Emergency call tapes and other evidence was released Friday, two days after Judge Jean Boyd sentenced the teen, whose attorneys claimed he was so spoiled by his rich parents he had no concept of right or wrong. The absence of any jail time in Boyd’s sentence has sparked public outrage.

Life changes for those who live paycheck to paycheck.

If he were poor like us, he would’ve gotten 10 years, I bet.”

via New details, 911 calls come to light in Texas ‘affluenza’ case of teen Ethan Couch.