2014 is off to a wicked start.

A Canadian citizen, based in New York and with a green card employment permit, Bouzemaa was flying home from Marrakech, Morocco, when his baggage was opened by Customs at JFK.

‘I told them I had these instruments for many years and flew with them in and out,’ he said. ‘There were 11 instruments in all. They told me they were agricultural products and they had to be destroyed. There was nothing I could do. The ney flute can be made with bamboo. Is that agricultural?’

Bouzemaa was both upset and unwilling to risk a confrontation with the US authorities.  We did not press him for further particulars. He does not know what to do next. But he does appear to be the victim of state injustice. What do the lawyers among our readers think he should do?

Bouzemaa’s contact details have been sent to journalists on the New York Times and the Boston Globe. Let’s see if they take up the story.

‘My smashed instruments brought peace and joy’.

Boujemaa adds some specifics of the case:

What was in the case? they called Bamboo case
1)     11 nays (flutes) made by me some of them in Canada some in US
2)      material to make new nays in the case
3)      flight  AA 0095    Madrid to JFK
4)      time : 12/22/2013   (notice : on 12/23/2013)
5)      Reason :   nays from plants which is agricultural items (so l can’t play nay).

Would these asses have done the same to a Stradivarius?