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Top U.S. Doctors Have No Idea How Obamacare Works.

Two top U.S. doctors were guests Sunday on Meet the Press to discuss Obamacare and said that they have no idea how it works.

Dr. John Noseworthy of the Mayo Clinic and Dr. Toby Cosgrove of the Cleveland Clinic were asked by host David Gregory if they understand all the parts of Obamacare — and if they would be promoting it. Here is Cosgrove’s answer:

We don’t understand it all yet and we don’t understand the implications of how it is all going to affect hospitals and physicians, et cetera – who is going to get what sort of insurance and who is going to be covered with what sort of policy. So, we really don’t understand this. We do know, however, that we’re going to be paid less for what we do.  Hospitals will be paid less. Everybody is going to get paid less. There is going to be less money in the organization. And we’ve got to learn to be more efficient. And the health care system in the United States is not really a system. It’s a whole bunch of cottage industries, and we’re coming together as a system to drive more and more efficiency across our organization.

Imagine that. The very doctors who are going to treat Americans enrolled into Obamacare have no idea what will be covered or how the hospitals are going to handle it. The only thing they do know is that they will be paid less for their specialty service. Heart doctors, brain surgeons, spinal specialists — all paid less. That should be comforting for those who count on lifesaving care from them.

To top it off, they are going to have to be more efficient across the board in an already grossly inefficient industry.

The doctors do not seem too thrilled. That may be why they did not answer the second part of Wallace’s question — will you be promoting it? Guess that’s a no.

via TruthRevolt