Loving son takes his paralysed dad to Chinese university and rigs up special bed so he can stay the full term.

Most people could forgive Guo Shijun if he gave up on his dream of a university education: because of his full time commitments to caring for his paralysed father and sick mother, he is spread incredibly thin.

Most people would forgive him, but it is possible Shijun wouldn’t forgive himself, as instead of giving up his studies, he persuaded university officials to let his father to stay in his dorm for the full term, after he was paralysed in a building accident.

Shijun still managed to get a place at a top university, and, impressed with his dedication in the face of insurmountable odds, they let him bring his father to university with him to lighten his load.

You know darned well zerocare is going to force hospitals to send everyone home asap.   How many of our “I want bright, shiny, new” young ones will do this?  A must read to laugh if you think those special snowflakes are tough enough?