disseminates his perpetual wisdom on why zerocare is great.  This coming from a jackhole who doesn’t have a clue about what it is like to practice medicine in the real world.

Under the Affordable Care Act, the Health and Human Services Department is spending billions of dollars to expand community health clinics, which are mainly staffed by nurse practitioners and physician assistants.
“It’s going to be one part of a complex part of the health care system,” Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the architects of Obamacare, told Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly Tuesday night. “So if your kid has a sore throat and you want to find out if it’s strep throat, or your kid has what appears to be an ear infection and you want to find out if it’s otitis media — you really don’t need to go to the pediatrician. You can go to these clinics.”

“But there aren’t any doctors,” O’Reilly said.

“Well, you don’t need a doctor for every part of your health care,” Emanuel responded.

Obamacare Architect: ‘You Don’t Need a Doctor for Every Part of Your Health Care’.

I actually lived through spinal meningitis and scarlet fever as a kid.  Thankfully, my pediatrician made house calls back in the day.  I don’t think that I would ever have lived to see a 6th birthday with an ass like Ezequiel as my doc.  If there is any justice in this world, let him reap what he has sown.