UPDATE:   Her mama called her fat and dad was “inappropriately” affectionate towards her.

On several occasions, the allegedly dangerously doting dad told the pretty teen that he viewed her not just as a daughter, but “more than that,” the station reported.

Her mother, meanwhile, tossed barbs at the girl such as “fat” and “porky” that caused her to shrink to a startling 92 pounds by her junior year, derailing her high school basketball career.

This special snowflake should come to my house.  She will run home and pay her parents to take her back.

@ age 18.

18 means that you are supposed to be able to vote, drink and possibly carry a weapon if you are in the Army.  Obviously, this little special snowflake believes her parent’s consequences are no different than teh won’s “crossing the red line” when it comes to being serious.

A New Jersey high school cheerleader who claims she was ‘abandoned’ by her mother and retired police chief father when they kicked her out for not playing by their rules filed a lawsuit last week demanding they fork over immediate financial support.

Rachel Canning has turned 18 but the rare lawsuit aims to force her parents to support her even though she’s living with a friend’s family who are shelling out thousands for her attorney fees.

Meanwhile, Sean Canning has shot back saying his college-bound daughter is nothing but a ‘spoiled’ liar who left home on her own when she couldn’t live by the former officer’s rules.

via High school cheerleader, 18, sues her retired police chief father for at least $17,500 after he ‘kicks her out for refusing to live by his rules’.  The judge told her to get over it, her parents don’t have to pay for anything.  What’s next?  Suing for an X Box?