Hello, parents where was the guidance when this silly young girl was growing up?

The spoiled teen who’s suing her parents for private-school tuition says they can’t legally enforce a curfew or any other rules on her.

In a Facebook tirade, Rachel Canning said her folks are legally obligated to support her until she graduates from high school, whether she lives by their rules or not.

“In New Jersey (as in most states) parents are required to support their kids through high school unless legally emancipated, which I’m not,” wrote Canning, a senior at Morris Catholic HS on her fan page called “Education for Rachel.”

“This means that they can NOT put conditions on me being at home, which they did. They can’t get out of this,” she continued in the rant posted Friday.

Those parent-imposed rules included an 11 p.m. curfew, requirements that she do some household chores, and other limits.

Shameless twits.  They came into this world with nothing except being able to breathe, yet they believe that they are entitled to everything that they perceive are necessities.   The baby

“Suburban baby boomer types are the spoiled lot, they make massive amount of money a year, they are used to flying to luxury destinations when they want, and buy things that they don’t need, people should be inclined to see things my way.”

The post appeared on the “Education for Rachel” Facebook page, which Canning previously told The Post she set up to support her cause.

The venomous Friday message suggested that, if Canning’s parents don’t foot her education bills, she’ll have no future unless she joins the armed forces.

“In today’s economy there are no more meaningful jobs and without family help it’s usually military or bust,” the poster gripes.

OMG and that would be HORRIBLE?  Grow up sweet snowflakes.  NO ONE owes you anything.

“I see parents like this every day, children were always an accessory to them and nothing more, once that accessory grew up and went out of fashion, much like a marriage that people allegedly commit to, the child becomes a throwaway, that’s just how it is.”

A good couple of years in the service to others will give you a nice reality check.