At the expense of the US citizen who actually worked for those benefits.  Stunning.

President Obama’s aunt – who lived in the U.S. illegally for years after being denied asylum – has died in Massachusetts.

Zeituni Onyango, 61, passed away at about 4 a.m., Tuesday, at a Boston rehabilitation center where she was being treated for cancer and respiratory problems, her immigration lawyer Margaret Wong said.

Where was her sister all this time?


Funeral plans have not been finalized. It remains unclear whether Onyango will be buried in Boston or brought back to her native Kenya by her sister, who came to the United States a few weeks ago to help the ailing woman, Wong said.

Free public housing as an illegal alien, free medical care…and what did she do to earn it?  Nada.  I have no problem with people coming here to work, but do it the legal way.  Pay into the system.   It is unfortunate that our government rewards the foreign workers at the expense of the citizens.   We truly are a mess.