200 million social security numbers were sold on the Black Market.  Are they going to wait until the Second Coming before alerting anyone?

Investigators said sometime before March 2012, a Vietnamese man named Hieu Minh Ngo used a false identity to purchase Social Security numbers with a database called Court Ventures, and then sold that information on the international black market.

Experian purchased Court Ventures in 2012, but it is unclear when Experian officials became aware of the breach, and now members of Congress and authorities in multiple states are demanding to know whether Experian and Court Ventures took steps to protect consumer information and if they notified potential victims.

“Experian and Court Ventures are each pointing a finger at the other company, saying they have to notify their customers. Meanwhile the consumer is left the odd person out with all of their vital information exposed,” said financial crimes expert Chris Swecker.

Swecker, a former FBI agent, told Channel 9 the breach encompasses more information than just the 200 million SSNs. He said consumer addresses, vital information and credit-history reports are also at risk.

“From a consumer perspective, this is your worst nightmare. This is what every bad guy wants to get their hands on,” Swecker said.

They should have to pay the same penalties that healthcare billers have to pay when they screw up ($50,000 per incident).  I know that they will never be held to task, but what are we (200 million) supposed to do now?  Maybe they should be forced into monitoring the ss#s instead of trying to sell us a report for $4.