I remember my first job…I had to walk a few blocks to pick up a payment from a woman who owed my father money for work that he had done.  The woman unleashed her German Shepperd on my leg.  Yes, the bite was nasty.  I limped for a week with a black bruise the size of Texas behind my knee.  I limped during the following weekend when I went back to work.  I didn’t die.  I didn’t get rabies (although my sisters will be to differ).  I don’t understand why some in our country have a difficult time with kids working?

“I attained a lot of my values through the work I did alongside my parents and grandparents, by being in the fields, understanding the everyday struggles,” says Scott.

“What they get from working here on the farm is to understand the importance of a dollar, how hard it is to make a dollar, and how to spend that dollar they make wisely.”

It was a point echoed by Jessica Rodriguez, mother of Brandon and Fernando, the boys who worked on the farm during their summer break. She says when the boys are not at school, she would rather they work than hanging around in the streets or with other boys, getting into trouble

via BBC News – US tobacco child labour criticised in report.