I don’t have some of these amenities.  Why Do We Have To Pay To Keep The Trash Content?

Inmates are kept in cells measuring 7ft by 12ft for 23 hours a day. The bed, desk and stool are immovable and cast from poured concrete. The cells also feature shower cubicals and a toilet.

A black and white television provides classes, religious services and fifty channels of broadcasting. Each cell has a slit window with a view onto an inner courtyard and a patch of sky. Each inmate gets a copy of USA Today, with certain articles cut out.

Inmates can play games of bingo alone in their cells. The winners get chocolate bars, or the right to have their picture taken and sent to their family.

Wardens told the ECHR that daily exercise is taken in pens measuring 12ft by 20ft, containing pull-up bars and footballs. Prisoners are allowed to talk to each other between pens, or through the ventilation grills in their cells.

Indoor exercise is held alone in a windowless hall with a vaulted ceiling, likened to an empty swimming pool.

Better behaved prisoners are granted extra privileges, with the best behaved given five hours of phone calls a month and the right to eat together out of their cells.

Recreational area for killers.

Inside the Alcatraz of the Rockies: The supermax prison in Colorado where Abu Hamza could spend the rest of his life.