The secure border that Janet always speaks of is less than secure.  Take a gander at what the deviants have done.



Even golf digest knows how secure Juarez is.

You’ve probably heard of Juárez — not because of its golf course, but because of its powerful drug cartels and bloody past. From 2008 to 2011, more than 7,500 murders were committed in this sprawling city two miles from El Paso, Texas.

Finally, someone is actually talking about what happens on the border although this behavior is not a big secret.

“Whoever did this went through a lot of work to get this accomplished,” said Jordan, a former Drug Enforcement Administration agent. “This is possibly a message to someone who hasn’t cooperated with the cartels. But, even if it’s a hoax, something like this is going to make the El Paso population uneasy, given that the city is not far from the killing fields of Mexico.”

Hmm, uneasy? The border has been complaining about this for a long time. No worries America, this garbage didn’t show up yesterday. (This guy testified that he executed over 800 hits. I feel safe with creeps like him loose on the streets, don’t you?)

The billboard company Lamar Advertising, which owns the billboard on the 9400 block of Gateway East Boulevard, confirmed the message was not a paid advertisement. The company took down the message before noon




Threatening cartel billboards warning police to choose ‘silver over lead’ come complete with hanging mannequins appearing in Texas.