Update:  Your IPhone can be implanted.


To ensure the phone is completely inoperable, it must be put into a special DFU mode normal used to upgrade its software

To enter DFU mode:

Plug your iPhone in any power outlet or USB port

Hold the power button

After three seconds hold the home button as well

Keep both pressed for 10 seconds

Release the power button while continuing to hold the home button for another ten to fifteen seconds while the phone enters DFU mode

Security consultant Robert David Graham  says the technique is called an implant.

‘An ‘implant’ is when the NSA intercepts your phone and installs hardware or software on i,’ he blogged.

‘Usually this is because they intercepted a shipment, snuck into your hotel room, or ran a remote exploit (via the Internet or via the baseband).

‘Yes, an implant gives the NSA full control over your phone — but it’s difficult getting the implant on your phone in the first place.

‘Once the NSA installs an implant, then of course they can remotely ‘power on’ your phone, because it’s not really powered off — even when you think it is.’

‘But the question was Brian Williams holding a phone asking what the NSA could do to it — in the future (power it on). He wasn’t asking what they’d done to it in the past (install an implant).’

Graham says the hack would only work is agents had access to the phone.

‘My point is simply this: the NSA isn’t omnipotent. They can’t do everything. They can do a lot of things, and they’ve been very successful at doing a lot of things, but they aren’t God, and they can’t do Magic.’

Thirty years of lots of pluses and minuses.   The first phone (as large as a brick) is my favorite.  You paid for the phone and the minutes were free thereafter.  It was not pocket friendly.

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A useful map on lightning.   I like to use it.  I don’t like paying for a new cellphone which is now my home phone because the plans are so expensive these days.