Trey Gowdy takes Gollum to task.


Food for thought.

Then again, many of us have been thinking this for a long, long time.

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Our morning paper, the Post and Courier, had a very good commentary on Monday by a former executive editor of the paper, R. L> Schreadley, entitled, “Speeding down Obama’s road to ruin.”

The examples Schreadley gives are good ones indeed, but it was the quote with which he opened the commentary that really struck me. From the Post and Courier:

“It is with a strange feeling that those of us who came from the Soviet Union look upon the West of today. It is as though we were neither neighbors on the same planet nor contemporaries. And yet we contemplate the West from what will be your future, or we look back seventy years to see our past suddenly repeating itself. And what we see is always the same as it was then: adults deferring to the opinion of their children; the younger generation carried away…

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