A Period Is Questioned in the Declaration of Independence.

HAPPY July 4th!

I am quite the busy bee.  Yesterday, I had a knock out drag out fight with our on site tech recovery company.  It seems that they can’t find people to stay with their company for longer than a day or so.  I had to replace a motherboard (don’t do it myself because of the warranty issues involved).  The company was notified Monday.  The parts were here on Tuesday and appointment was set for 11:00 AM.  Low and behold, they were running late.  Appointment reset for Wednesday.  Late again, they sent a novice who was working their first day.  A bit flustered, a job that normally takes 1/2 hours took 4 1/2.  At the end of this, I was left with a computer in bits and pieces and no screws.  Needless to say, I had a cow of biblical proportion as this is the main machine.  Come Thursday morning, I start the calls from Hell to this company at 4 AM.  By Thursday afternoon, an experienced tech had put my puzzle machine back together.  A Rubik’s Cube is far easier to put together.

I thought that the 4th was going to be a day of peace.  Dumb me.  Sometimes, I don’t know what to make of life?  My home was built in 1955.  For two years, there have been gas leak problems between my street and the next one over.  The gas company has begun work on the house next door, mine is next.  Last night, I awoke to the smell of gas.  It was in the house. After checking on the hoses connecting the dryer and the stove, I found one crimped.  Probably happened when I tiled the kitchen about three weeks ago, but there was no smell until last night.  I have to wonder if the pressure in the lines is not becoming overwhelming?  I have seen the gas company excavate a few front yards on the neighbor street.  Normally, they stay on the street.  I am more than worried.

It can always be worse.  I do have friends on the east coast that were in Arthur’s path last night.  I hope they are okay.

A drone’s view of fireworks.