Wow, this was monumental.  It is over.  As I said, the house is very old and to my knowledge these were original gas pipes so no one had ever touched them before.  I can only say that I am worried about my neighbors that are elderly because they will not have the resources to correct something like this overnight.  (I have emergency credit cards…YEAH!)  This was emergent.  Even though our temps are well into the 100s, there will come a time when they drop.  That is the time to worry as they alter pressure within the system.

Every home on the street next to me has been worked on.  Some are even having their front yards dug up to change out the pipes.  That is a homeowner’s cost which can be steep for those on a fixed income.   Anyway, when you know that the company is doing work…be nosy and find out what they are up to.  In general, they won’t want to tell you details.  I had already known of several big breaks during the past year.  The gas company was on it immediately.

My concern was that if this leak happened in my home with the pressure alteration, what happens to my neighbor’s home that has been shuttered for a few weeks?  To my knowledge her gas lines have never been worked on since the home was built as well.  Yup, she’s out of town which made me quite anxious.  You don’t have to have much leaking…a slow one in an enclosed space and then you have one big accident.  Luckily, her son is a higher up within the fire department so not only will he be checking on the home…he will also be able to look into some of the pesky minor details that the rest of us have must perceverate over.

A note…I have been notified that I will be receiving an exchange computer.  That means moving quite a bit of data over to the new one as well as trying to catch up on what I didn’t do this past week.   So, no worries if I don’t post for a bit.  BTW, I thought most of you would like this read on Federal Government Email.  We either have a lot of liars in the IRS or a huge amount of incompetence.