Something to leave you happier during these difficult days.  I know that Mcnorman’s odd assembly of discarded animals would do the same for each other.  We have much to learn from these creatures.

A once-homeless street dog has been caught on video risking life and limb to feed her extended animal family in a Brazilian junkyard.

Lilica has spent the last three years traveling four miles down dark, dangerous roads each night to the home of animal lover Lucia, who gives the dog a bag of food.

The brilliant and selfless pooch then turns around and travels back to her São Carlos junkyard, where a menagerie of another dog, a cat, a mule, and several chickens dig in with their little hearts full of gratitude.

The journey begins each night at Neile Vania Antonio’s junkyard, where Lilica was abandoned as a puppy, just as it did the first time Lilica made her miraculous trek.

Lucia Helena de Souza first met Lilica years ago and fed her, as she would any stray.

‘I realized that she ate and then stared at what was in the bag,’ Lucia says in a video about Lilica.

A neighbor suggested to Lucia that Lucia might be staring at the bag because she wanted to take it with her.

And when Lucia tied up the bag and handed it over, that’s exactly what happened.

‘From then on, that’s what how we did it,’ Lucia said of their nightly meetings at 9:30pm.

Upon Lilica’s return to her junkyard, the real magic happens: the mothering pooch drops her bag of food and the motley animal crew descends.

One by one, a dog, some chickens, a mule and some cats take turns sharing a bit of Lilica’s gift.

‘An animal sharing things with other animals is a lesson. A lesson for us,’ says Lucia

Junkyard dog travels 4 miles every night for 3 years to get food for friends.