It’s amazing that you don’t hear about more people in these crowded cities mashed and mangled.

Japan has been a late adopter when it comes to smartphones, but it’s catching up quickly – already more than half the population owns one. But Tokyo is a crowded city, and warnings are being issued about the risk of mass collisions among phone-using pedestrians at one busy crossing.

It’s 5pm on a Friday and I’m standing in a coffee shop above Shibuya crossing – one of the most famous intersections in the world.

It’s a place where every two minutes, more than a thousand of Tokyo’s smartly dressed commuters and fashion-making teens gather at eight points, ready to cross – then rush straight for each other.

It looks like they must crash, this sea of people, but they swerve and swing around each other, like dancers pirouetting, and they all get to the other side safely.

via Japan enters the era of smartphones and ‘dumbwalking’.

I’ve been out celebrating.  We had a party for my mum who celebrated her 60th  year anniversary on becoming a US citizen.  She did it the hard way, but she will tell you that having gone through the legalities for years…it was all very much worth it!  Congrats to my mum who had five children grow up in the best country in the world.  We certainly wouldn’t have gotten to where we are if she had not left Mexico.