I received a call early this morning.  It was from someone that I did not know.  They told me that they were a relative of someone that I had befriended awhile back.  I was left speechless when her sister told me that she had passed away unexpectedly.   I loved Holly dearly.  She was a beautiful person that was magnanimous in giving her time and expertise.

Holly was an avid reader, collector of antique china, fine French copper and had an immense passion for animals. Holly had an infectious personality, amazing sense of humor and a wicked quick wit. She was a generous person who always put others before herself.

Holly was such a unique individual.  Her passion for collecting copper and other antiques led her to cross my path.  She had become disabled when she began to have uncontrollable seizures years ago.  That led to doctors, diagnosis, medications and much sadness for a woman who at one time had been a vibrant business owner.   She wrote to me the day before she passed telling me how much she loved her animals because they loved her unconditionally (just like her husband).  She was not feeling well.  She said that she would feel better in a few weeks.  I told her to rest believing that I would speak to her in few days.  The days passed.  I will miss her, but not as much as her family.  I write this as a reminder to love those in the moment as that moment is fleeting.  There might not be another.   Thankfully, I have a bizillion emails from Holly reminding me to smile everyday.