Common courtesy, where has it gone?  Really?  What a nightmare to sit down and find this.

Someone will have to purchase new dentures.

I think this guy must have liked that TSA patdown.  He was so comfy afterwards, he decided to take it all off.  Well, most of it.

Half naked?

This young woman obviously pulled out the toddler shorts in the dark while dressing.

Can't afford shorts that fit?

He thinks it’s cute.  Wait till he gets clocked during turbulence.

I suppose he thinks it's cute.

Passenger Shaming latest social media trend that shames airline travellers.  No, not really…slobs will be slobs.  No amount of shaming will alter the selfish slob’s behavior.   While contemplating the meaning of such behavior, treat yourself to the rants of a stewardess.  I’d be cranky if I had to work this job.  Heck, I don’t have to work this job and I am cranky.