Reality is not tevee.  Reality is the here and now.  How one perceives it is another matter.  Without coping skills, one is certainly lost.   I think that Brett Ellis is right…

The author lays the blame on the generation’s parents who grew up in a cynical age – yet when it came to building their own families they tried to shroud their children from the harsh realities of life.

He warns young people: ‘People won’t like you, that person may not love you back, kids are really cruel, work sucks, it’s hard to be good at something, life is made up of failure and disappointment, you’re not talented, people suffer, people grow old, people die.’

His words come after three years of tweeting, in which the author and screenplay-writer regularly mocked young people for being too sensitive.

One tweet read: ‘Typical Generation Wuss comment: “You know, Twitter has really ruined you for me.” It’s TWITTER. Get a f****** life’.

And after a former fan tweeted, ‘I just can’t follow Bret Easton Ellis anymore. He’s so pretentious that I hate myself for following him’, he responded: ‘Hey GENERATION WUSS: Grow a dick.’

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