As like Joe Wilson so stated,   

You know darned well that this Ebola infected person came into contact with more than just a few people.

The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital patient traveled from Liberia to September 19 and arrived in the United States on the next day, without showing symptoms of the deadly virus, CDC Director Tom Frieden told reporters in a press conference filmed by NBC News.

The patient, Frieden said, started to show signs of the virus September 24 and then ‘sought care’ on the 26th.

Frieden said two days later the patient was admitted to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas and isolated.

via Ebola is in America: Dallas man is diagnosed with disease AFTER return from Africa in first case found on U.S. soil. Now in isolation but he MAY have infected others.  Just for funzies I thought I would share ZeroCrapCare’s Mengele aka Ezequiel Rahm talking to Chrissy Tingles about the reality of Ebola within the border and Tingles kinda takes Rahm to the woodshed.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I’m just trying to follow the logic here. Everybody’s being told, don’t worry unless they have the infectious symptoms, you can see them, that you don’t have to worry about catching them. Yet, this guy picked up the disease apparently from somebody who did not have the infectious symptoms.

DR. EZEKIEL EMANUEL: Again, don’t hypothesize because we just don’t know. We have no idea what he did or didn’t do and how he got it. I’m sure that’s going to be vital information to try to understand the transmission, but the idea that there’s going to be a widespread outbreak here, I think is just, again, it’s a bit of fear mongering. We have a single case. This is not a big, widespread —

I thoroughly enjoyed the “we don’t know” line.  Too bad the ass didn’t tell zero he didn’t know how badly zerocrapcare would stink.  Oops, my bad.  He did know, he just didn’t want zero to spill the beans on tv if the teleprompter crashed.

MATTHEWS: Yeah, yeah, but I’m just going back to the president’s statement, doctor, and that is that the president said it would be unlikely if we had a case in this country. Unlikely to even have one case. You want to see the tape again?

“You want to see that tape again?”   Bwhahahahhahaha, that Tingles really knows how to toss that hot potato.

EMANUEL: He said there wouldn’t be an Ebola outbreak.

MATTHEWS: No, and in the second part of his sentence he said in the unlikely case someone brings it here. In the unlikely case someone brings it here. Well, they’ve done it. We’re living in the world of the unlikely already. That’s all I’m saying. I’m not fear mongering. I’m stating the facts and I wonder if everybody else is.

Shocking…Tingles is stating facts.  I know, what happened?

EMANUEL: The reason we can be assured here that this isn’t going to be a major outbreak is we have a CDC that can do very good contact tracing. We have a very good health system that takes universal precautions on all patients, with the gloves. And you’re not regularly in contact with people’s bodily fluids the way it is much more common in Liberia. I think those things distinguish it. And I don’t think we should get into a panic because we were reassured it would never be in the United States.

Bodily fluids?  Hmm, only 1 in 5 wash their hands after using the toilet in America.  Get that hand sanitizer bottle in size ginormous.  It is difficult to take Rahm’s words seriously.  Yes, he did get an M.D. from Harvard but you have to wonder about that degree when you read what he proposes as a bioethecist.


MATTHEWS: No, the president said it was unlikely two weeks ago. Well, it’s not the unlikely, it has happened. It’s here.

Jeebus, Tingles might not get a bonus this year for this interview.  Ezekiel Rahm should return to his ivory tower, dungeon, whatever and remain there forever.