It is another day which I will not forget about.  I found out that my neighbor is not only crazy, but a sick pos.  My beautiful feral cat Ted which I almost had tamed enough to adopt out was poisoned by this neighbor.  It is chilling to know that you live next to a psychotic lunatic.

I work with the feral program locally.  If I am able to catch kittens, I tame them so that they are adoptable at some point.  Ted was under a year old.  Some of you know that my life has been very difficult for the last year.  Worsening this past month.   I had tamed Ted to the point of cuddling and coming when being called.  I couldn’t take him inside because he was fearful of my dogs.  They are a rowdy bunch, but they don’t eat cats.  This cat was afraid of them.  Every evening, I would come home and find Ted waiting for me.  Three nights ago, he didn’t come when called.  Believe me when I tell you that I did not want Ted out.  He was too sweet.

This morning when I went to work, I asked the woman across the street if she had seen Ted.  First, let me tell you that in three years I have helped this woman when no one else would even speak to her and now I understand why that is.  She laid into me about cat poo on her dirt.  She pulled all the grass out and has a dust lot that causes a ton of problems for anyone with allergies (which includes the entire neighborhood).  She said her son who is mentally retarded is allergic to cats.  ( Yup, I just used the proper descriptor not the PC one because the child screams constantly.  We all hear him and we know, but he is usually never seen.  The woman protects him from the world by hiding him.  We hear him, and that means that he is not hidden to the world.)  She said that her kid is allergic to cats and dogs, neither of which she owns.  Keep in mind that the child is usually strapped into a contraption whenever they travel.  I don’t understand how he can be allergic to an animal that he might have in view.

Anyhow, Ted seemed to like her driveway and always laid on the cement there before I came home.  She claims that made her kid allergic.  Any sight of a cat will send the kid into spasms.  That is any animal including birds, dogs, flies, you name it.  I was stunned to find this out after she had taken my food offerings, and all other types of help.  Why would she never have said something to me?

Then I remembered that my other neighbor told me that her cat had been poisoned 8 weeks ago.  The cat was put down because it was paralyzed.  The vet said that the cat had not suffered a trauma, but had been poisoned.  Her family was on vacation and being watched by the grandparents who are also my neighbors.  Now, this was a family pet.  My poor Ted was part of my family, but technically a feral cat.  All of my feral cats have their ears clipped.  I have invested a lot of time and money to ensure that they do not reproduce.  I work with three different veterinarians to do this.  I digress.

Ted obviously had visited her because she was in full rage when I walked over.  Keep in mind that Ted NEVER got closer than 10 ft to the woman.  Ted was found poisoned yesterday morning, my other neighbor did not know that I was unaware.  As I had warned her about the woman who told me that she put all kinds of things down to deter the cats from entering her yard.  Her chain link fence is over 6′.  Her issue was that Ted or any cat that visits my house was pooing on her porch.  The woman is mad.  Cats use dirt.  Then she said that they were on her roof.  I asked about that because he just had her roof redone because of termite damage.  I don’t believe that Ted knew how to climb a ladder.  Anyhow, instead of coming to speak to me about Ted, she poisoned him.  I find this behavior to be the utmost in despicable.

BTW, I am not the neighborhood crazy cat lady.  I am the one that catches the strays and has them fixed so that they do not reproduce.  I had two feral sisters for 9 years.  They usually don’t live long in the wild.  When the war happened and the neighborhood people who were deployed released their animals because they could not take them with them there was an explosion of cats.  We have several folks who are unclear about how humans live in society.    I have lived in the same neighborhood for over 26 years.  None of the neighbors are anything like this woman.  We come to help when help is needed.  We are there for each other.  We offer any assistance in time of need.

I, unfortunately did not realize that this woman was hated by all of her next door neighbors.  She lives across the street and I honestly never knew how much Hell she gave everyone else.  I like peace and I have always been the one to call the city for help if there is a problem for any of our neighbors.  Most are elderly.  The neighborhood is not in the best condition, aka not Detroit.  I offered to clean up anytime that one of the ferals was over at her house.  That was not good enough.  She called the pound.  Now, all of my work will go down the tube.  I saved these cats so that others would not come into the area.  They didn’t ask to be born wild without a caring home.

I am sick to my stomach over what she has done.  I don’t understand how someone could be so two faced.  When a car ran into her yard, I photographed the scene so that she could have a way to recover via her insurance.  (When her spouse who had an anger management issue died in a road rage accident, guess who was the only person to take any food over, and the list goes on.)  The neighbors got her other special snowflake a job.  When he was fired for being lazy, she called those same neighbors to yell at them at 4 in the morning.  They just told me this.

I am really saddened by today’s events.  I even went over to “clean” the dirt of the so called poo which was actually vomit.  When I smelled the mothbolls and other chemicals, I knew that she had done something horrible.  I try to be a decent human. I even had to tell her to back off when she started to bitch about the weeds growing across the street in another neighbor’s yard.  That neighbor has brain cancer.  How does one get a vile human to move out of the neighborhood?  The policy on ferals is that they have to go if someone complains.  All of neighbors want her gone now.  And thank you for listening to my story.