The nurse only took care of the humans.

I understand the panic, but really…the dog?   Why would the dog carry Ebola?

Officials have said they ‘don’t know’ how the Spanish nurse became infected with the deadly virus.

But last night staff at the Carlos III hospital where she worked claimed the protective suits they were given were not good enough.

Unnamed sources told Spanish daily El Pais the suits did not meet World Health Organisation standards.

They said the suits they were issued with were permeable and lacked breathing apparatus.

‘At the moment we are investigating the way in which the professional was infected,’ said Antonio Alemany, the head of Madrid’s primary health care services.

‘We don’t know yet what failed,’ he was quoted by the Guardian as saying. ‘We’re investigating the mechanism of infection.’

via Spanish nurse who caught Ebola despite wearing a safety suit is named – as WHO warns more cases in Europe are now ‘unavoidable’.  Could this be airborne infection now?  I don’t think so, but one never knows for sure.  Someone ought to warn those hazmat guys.