Somebody asked me about high school graduations in Texas because he was here to watch his son graduate.   They don’t happen in October.  So what exactly was Mr. Ebola doing here?

Mai Wureh said Duncan, her half brother, planned to marry Karsiah’s mother and apply for more permanent status in the United States.

via Family too upset to see Ebola patient via video.  So, why did Mr. Ebola come here?  He came because his son was graduating from High School in September? He came to get married on a tourist visa.  He has a son with this woman.  He came because he had Ebola and knew that this was his opportunity to receive first class treatment.  If you want to keep up with the scum’s lies, Somebody provided this link.

Interesting how CPS is not investigating this family?  Thug Jr (on the left) tried to leave the containment area because he was bored early on but doesn’t have the time visit dad while he’s in the hospital.  They were moved elsewhere to a safe house provided through their church.  What else do we not know about this ma?.  He is the Typhoid Mary of Ebola.  Hence he is now Thomas Ebola.  He has made his mark:   A nurse who was wearing proper protective gear has Ebola.

h/t Somebody who has been on top of this.