MORE PILE ON:  The nurse should not have flown anywhere.  WTF???   Why is the CDC making stuff up as they go along?   A travel ban for those who treat the high risk patients…special.  Frieden needs to resign right now.

The three changes Dr. Frieden announced on Oct. 14 are:

  1. A manager to oversee infection control “every hour of the day.”
  2. More training for health care workers — “ongoing, refresher, repeat training, including by two nurses from Emory who cared for Ebola patients.”
  3. A limit on the number of staff providing care directly to patients with Ebola “so that they can become more familiar and more systematic in how they put on and take off protective equipment and they can become more comfortable in a healthy way with providing care in the isolation unit.”


Amber Jay Vinson, the second nurse to be diagnosed with Ebola, flew from her family home in Cleveland, Ohio, to Dallas just one day before she was hospitalized for the deadly disease.

Now, the Centers for Disease Control are trying to track down all 132 passengers who were aboard Frontier Airlines Flight 1143 on Monday with Ms Vinson over fears they could all have been exposed to the virus. 

‘Because of the proximity in time between the evening flight and first report of illness the following morning, CDC is reaching out to passengers,’ the agency said in a statement.

Everyone who was on board the plane is asked to call 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636) so that they can be interviewed by CDC doctors to determine who is at risk for possible exposure to Ebola.

If Frieden had any semblance of dignity, he would step away from the microphone and fly down to Dallas to begin caring for those that are coming down with Ebola.  Instead, he follows in zeroes footsteps and blames everyone else for protocol breaks in contamination.  Freiden should resign now.

IMO, we need to stop anyone traveling inbound from those affected countries in Africa immediately.   Stop blaming those at the front line.  Shut the borders down immediately.  The nurses and ER front desk staff are at greatest risk.  At present, 70 or so staff are being monitored.  They took care of Mr. Ebola Duncan.

Nurses at the Dallas hospital where the first patient died of Ebola in the US insisted there were no protocols in place for dealing with the virus – and claimed that no hospital in the country was prepared to deal with the deadly virus.

The director of the National Nurses Union RoseAnn DeMoro directly contradicted the CDC’s initial claim that a breach in protocol lead to the infection of Nina Pham as she treated Thomas Eric Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

She said: ‘Our nurses are not protected, they’re not prepared to handle Ebola or any other pandemics.’

‘The protocols that should have been in place in Dallas were not in place and are not in place anywhere in the United States, as far as we can tell.’

‘Nurses are not protected, they’re not prepared to handle Ebola’: Angry nursing union says.

Shame on the CDC.   Shame on Frieden who is a stain on his profession.  He’s delusional if believes that  anyone can believe his idiocy speak.

Even the Mayor of Dallas understands that they might be in for a lot more sick people.