This crap needs to be broadcast loudly including the fact that d*ckless made off with several million dollars courtesy of the US taxpayer.  Grubby reminds me of this guy, remember him?


Gruber was the architect for RomneyCare.

Before Obamacare, he also advised the creation of a similar law in Massachusetts, sometimes called Romneycare, after Mitt Romney, who was governor of the Bay State at the time. Despite some resistance to the term “architect,” Gruber joined the president’s transition team in 2008 and no one disputes he played a key role in the law’s creation.

Oh come on, read the whole post about “Mr. Mandate.”

According to, President Obama’s official website, Jon Gruber “helped write Obamacare.”

The post was written in 2012 and was about specific quotes from President Obama trying to tie Mitt Romney to ObamaCare by saying that “RomneyCare” was the model for the Affordable Care Act.

In an act to hide the connection to Barack Obama after Gruber’s quotes about the “stupidity of American voters” went viral, the article has been taken down by Organizing for Action. However, it was online as recently as August of this year, and a cached version still exists that clearly shows its original content. Pundit Press found the cached version.

Here is the quote, in which the site specifically names Jon Gruber as one of the Affordable Care Act’s authors:
Gruber ObamaCare

Unsurprisingly, this damning evidence has been scrubbed

via “Jon Gruber Helped Write Obamacare” | PUNDIT PRESS.   Does this mean that Grubby will be put out to pasture soon?