Via Obama to hold White House meetings on Ferguson News.  There will be a gathering.  We all know that this is so that the race baiting is kept in the news and distracts from everything else that it and pal ValJar are doing.

Note to dear faux leader teh won:

The illusion is over.  If you read it, you will know what’s in it from the grand jury.  Time to stop.  Brown family…stop it.  Nothing that you do will bring your son back.  Own his behavior.  If you truly want to make a difference in the world, change your actions.  Actions speak far louder than words.  You want respect, earn it.  And that goes for that asshat family attorney that excuses their behavior.
“Burn this b*tch down” does not evoke peace.    What it says it that you are hateful people.  This is how you really feel.  Your pain supercedes everyone elses and you have no problem ruining other people’s lives.

People who have selectively acquired victim skills learn little else.  Very sad.  What is worse is teh won in the big white house who continuously plays that race card.  Well, a community organizer is just that…a loud mouthed victim baiting creep.  Look no further than palls JJ and his Al.