Shame on you Bill De Blassio.  The mayor of New York City is another useless zero wannabe.   What did he think?  Revenge, is this what he wanted?  If you don’t care for the grand jury outcome, don’t fuel a race war.

Just like that constitutional scholar starts yappin’ about the Trayvon incident before any grand jury information is released, this twit does the same thing.   Note to Bill the dumbell, the Devil does not need your help instigating hate by telling your kid to be afraid because he’s got more melanin content in his skin than he does.  Same goes for that asshat Al Sharpton who is now spouting quotes by Ghandi.

Eyewitness claims 'people were LAUGHING' at the scene where NYPD cops were killed | Daily Mail Online

I would turn my back to you for what you are doing to the city.  A city which I love very much.

This is just sickening.  Eyewitness claims ‘people were LAUGHING’ at the scene where NYPD cops were killed.