Merry Christmas to you and your family.  To be honest, I am overwhelmed by the wondrous relationships I have been able to build over the internet.  I am so grateful.  I hope that you find peace and joy whatever you maybe doing.

Please indulge me.  I want to share a wonderful story.  I work with a rescue.  Yesterday, a woman came in to surrender a cat that she had for several years.  The cat was sweet, and our rescue was more than willing to find him a new home.  He had been microchipped as a kitten so he was scanned  to find out how he had been originally registered.  The woman who brought him said that she had found him, loved his disposition and fell in love with him.  Fearing that he belonged to someone else, she never had the microchip checked.  If you had met this cat, you would know why.  He really is a special fellow.

We called the pound only to find out that his chip was retired and pronounced him dead.  He was not dead.  He was as happy as a clam sitting there staring at all of us.   We took the information and contacted the original listed owners.  They in turn told us that they had been tormented for years because they searched for him and nothing ever came of it.  After searching for a long time, the vet had then called the pound to retire the chip.   He might have been pronounced dead, but the family held on to him in their hearts.  The original family still had a photo of their cat as a kitten and shared it with us.  We in turn took one and shared it with the family.  Guess what?  The little guy was their cat.

We arranged for a meetup with the family.  When the cat saw them he knew exactly who the family was.  It was beautiful.  They were so happy to finally find their kitteh.  It was as if he had never been gone.  Lesson is that one must never give up hope.  Somehow we find our way to those who have our hearts.  That said, no one can ever replace you.  Take care of yourselves during these sometimes trying days.  And thank you so much for being who you are.  The kindness that you have demonstrated here is something that leaves me speechless everyday.  That said, this statistic made me think about how much I have been given.  Also, why we need to see life in proper perspective.

Researchers, more than a decade ago, found that more fatal heart attacks occur on Christmas Day than any other day of the year. The 2nd busiest day is December 26th and the 3rd busiest is January 1st.

via Fatal Heart Attacks Occur On Christmas More Than Any Other Day.  Take care and have a very Merry Christmas.