I’m still getting visits from Animal Control concerning the feral cat colony that I manage.  The crazy troll that lives caddy corner to me insists that her kids rash comes from seeing cats.  (The child is severely retarded.)  This is the same asshat that has an older special snowflake (24 years old) that beat up our mailman.  I have eight cats in the colony.  Considering that most of the managers in this town are caring for 50+ cats, I think I have done well.   Over time I have found that they are wonderful creatures.  Sadly, some people will never know unconditional love.

Masha, a stray Russian cat, is being hailed a hair-oine for saving an abandoned baby.

As freezing temperatures swept through the city of Obninsk, the feline heard a baby boy crying outside an apartment building and kept him warm, the Agence France-Presse reported.

Neighbor Nadezhda Makhovikova found the pair hours later Saturday cuddled together in a cardboard box, the 2-month-old boy bundled in clean clothes.

Masha was found lovingly licking the crying orphan.

Whoever left him at the cold apartment block also left a pack of diapers, pacifiers and baby food.

What a special kitty.